Your terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of sale at an online shop.

1.   Orders for goods offered in our online shop are accepted as a form of online shopping basket. 

2.  Incorrectly completed order forms will not be considered and implemented. If in doubt, we will cofirm order by phone or by e-mail.

3.   Orders from customers who have made purchases from us now will be confirmed only via e-mail.

4.  Orders can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year.

5.   The MIGHTFLEX reserves the right to recall products from the sale.

6.    After paying customer has the right to check the contents of the package in the presence of a courier.

 7.   Complaints relating to mechanical damage incurred during transport will be considered only upon delivery of the goods in the presence of the courier. The condition for accepting this type of complaint is to write (with courier) complaint protocol.

8.    We are sending goods by post or courier at the expense of the customer.
9.   If the goods are not available in the warehouse, the customer is immediately informed of this fact.

 10.   We are adding to parcel: warranty card (if included by manufacturer) and proof of purchase - a VAT invoice.

 11.   Payment for ordered goods can be made in several ways: bank wire transfer  and PayPal (and credit cards). In the case of pre-payment forms, the order is processed after cleared payment.
    NOTE: The customer may return the purchased item within 10 days from the date of delivery if the product is not damaged, is in the original packaging and wear no signs of use and installation. Proof of purchase is manadatory to return goods.

12.    In case of price change or if we can't complete your order we will contact you immediately.

 13.   Any personal information obtained during ordering process are confidential and under any circumstances or in any form will not be disclosed to other persons or other companies in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 "About the protection of personal data". Customers have the right to access their data, correct and remove them.

14.    In case of any doubts or questions, please e-mail us at: